FAQ on Alternative Methods of Transportation Services

A – All transaction details and particulars between user and provider is solely the responsibility of the two parties, ie bonding , insurance, fees etc. , as Hidsh is solely a communication pathway between the two parties and assumes no responsibility of the transportation service prior to, during or after the transportation has taken place.

A - Hidsh has a unique model in which we are the only business offering people from all walks of life the opportunity to create a transportation income at a far greater reduced rate simply by means of communication. Thise fee allows the user/provider to browse the site revealing numerous choices / opportunities exclusive to the needs of the individual that would otherwise not be available. Hidsh will give you all contact information (email and phone number) of every service provider that matches your search criteria (departure/arrival location and specific range of arrival dates you require)

A – There is no fee for posting or browsing ads, unless the person posting requests priority and a term on the front page of the site, where the fee would vary depending on term and size of posting. Otherwise posting is free of charge and will be initially placed at the top of the list, progressing down the page as further postings are placed on the site. Browsing the site does not come with a cost and is yours to surf as much as you want to

A - Individuals have the ability to create more than one posting on Hidsh but must indicate the specific departure and arrival dates for each ad, in order to avoid overcrowding the website.

A - Hidsh provides a wide range of postings capturing inner-city, short haul transportation, capable of accommodating transportation of people, small and large packagesfe to commercial, heavy loads as well as an extensive list of options available for long distance transportation

A - Hidsh ( pronounced as H-I-T-C-H ) Solutions offers potential users the unique ability to "hitch" a ride with people from all walks of life with existing or developed travel plans. Used in this context , the word "hitch" fit nicely into our early stages of business development and model , while sending a kind of subliminal message to the people to come to our website to"Hitch " a ride. Due to regulations beyond our control , we were unable to use the spelling "hitch" and with a desire to keep the "Hitch" pronunciation for our company , we decided to maintain the identity with the word "Hitch", and incorporate a new and unique spelling now known as Hidsh. I guess in ways similar to tomato...tumotoe.