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Who we are and what sets us apart

Anyone can earn extra income by posting their travel plans on hidsh.com and any user can save money by hiring trucking, freight carriers, cargo or logistics service providers including commercials whose travel plan is aligned with the transportation needs of the user. We are a communication service company as we let customers who need an alternative method of transportation services to decide on the cost directly with the service provider. We offer an alternative method of freight carriers, trucking, cargo, logistics services so as to let them get the delivery of their goods done at a reduced cost without using their own resources or conventional options like UPS/FEDEX/Canada Post/Puralator/US Postal Service/DHL/XPO/Deliv. Hidsh is a communication service company committed to provide transportation services including commercials by allowing users to connect with service providers.

What sets Hidsh transportation services apart


Samir Girgis

Sam Girgis has been working, as a Project Engineer/Manager, within the oil/gas sector in Edmonton and Calgary Alberta, since 1990. He loves being challenged while executing the various projects he had the pleasure of working on. He is a very collaborative team-player who enjoys working with others to brainstorm in order to resolve technical problems that he was mandated to resolve. Sam is extremely business-minded and is currently managing several properties in Alberta and operates them as a business.

Danny Brooks

Danny Brooks is an oil and gas worker, involved with the pipeline industry over the last 30 plus years, representing the owner group at many different levels, as an incorporated sub-contractor, as well as an employee with individual project prime contractors. Working numbers and resolving problems through innovative solutions is what Danny welcomes, as is represented in the development and growth of what has now become to be known as Hidsh Solutions.

How it works ?

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Anyone can be a service provider by posting his/her travel plan (departure location/date, arrival location/date as well as the maximum capacity or his/her vehicle) on hidsh.com . At the same time, users can also post their transportation needs (size/weight of the package, departure location and arrival location/date) on hidsh.com . It is also important to note that the user is able to post ads relating to transportation of any number of people within hidsh.com

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hidsh.com stores all these postings/ads in a database that would enable users to find service providers that can meet their transportaion needs. At the same time, service providers can find users that have transportation needs which they can meet without altering his/her transportation plans.

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All transportation transactions are solely the responsibility of Hidsh users and service providers. Both individuals (user and service provider) should ensure that appropriate agreements, investigation and insurance actions are in place, prior to, during and after the transportation service has been completed.