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Who we are and what sets us apart

  • The cost of the alternative method of transportation services will be directly negotiated between users and service providers without any direct input from
  • offers our customers, both users and service providers, the ability to arrange for travel or crowdshipping transportation within individual city limits, as well as between cities.
  • offers a great opportunity to create extra income for service providers.
  • Users can also avail alternative method of freight, cargo or logistics services for delivery of their commercial goods without using their own resources at a reduced cost compared to conventional freight, cargo or logistics transportation methods like UPS/FEDEX/Canada Post/Puralator/US Postal Service/DHL/XPO/Deliv.
  • Users can search the website for all trucking, freight carriers, cargo or logistics service providers including commercial companies whether near local area or outside to meet their search criteria.
  • Service providers in Canada can search the website for any users that have personal goods delivery or commercial transportation needs that can be met directly by their planned route/trip using the vehicles that will be used.
  • Departure and arrival schedules, as well as the cost of service, may be flexible as the two parties, users & service providers, can converse and negotiate all terms directly with each other.
  • Anyone looking for a rideshare and carpooling can be a user (customer who requires transportation services) and/or a transportation service provider.
What is Hidsh - About Travel and Transportation Solutions
What is Hidsh Solutions

Hidsh solutions is a communications website which connects transportation providers with customers that need to go on a private trip or move personal / commercial items ranging from small envelops to large/heavy equipment. What makes Hidsh solutions so unique is this: many people already have travel plans across the nation while others (users) need to transport items/materials. Hidsh solutions simply connects these two individuals/companies at no cost until we grow this company.

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Covid 19 response  - Hidsh Transportations
Covid 19 response

IF YOU FEEL SICK, STAY AT HOME - If you have a mild illness, respiratory symptoms, or have a fever (38 C or 100.4 F or above), stay home and avoid ridesharing/carpooling and going to public places. If your symptoms get worse, call your doctor.

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Indemnity to Hidsh solutions
Indemnity to Hidsh solutions

Hidsh solutions is not liable in any way. We are not directly responsible for providing the transportation services. We are only a communication service company which connects the transportation (commercials) ... provider with the user/customer. Anyone or anything that is being transported, is the sole responsibility of the two communicating parties, as Hidsh assumes no liability of any transaction.

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